I’ve been at White Hall Nursing and Rehab for almost 5 years.  People can always find something to complain about if that’s what they want to do but I feel fortunate to have a place to lay my head, food for my nourishment and people that take good care of me.  I made the decision to come live here, no one made it for me and I still think it was the right decision.  I was able to rehab home a few years earlier but the time had came when I needed something else.  All I have to do is press a button and someone comes to help me.  You can’t beat that!

Judge L.K. Hubbard
White Hall Nursing and Rehab resident

Bud and I would recommend White Hall Nursing & Rehab for any short term rehab or long term care needs you may have. I used their therapy to rehab twice and Bud once for a broken shoulder. My first stay was for a fractured hip in Jan 2009. Their great therapy services helped me to bounce back. Both Bud and I were able to return home all 3 times. In Jan 2012 we came for their long term services. We had reached the time that our family could no longer provide the complete care we needed. The staff here is so friendly and we have a special bond with several of them. Bud and I share a room together and we continue to love one another.

Bud and Mayme Davis,
White Hall Nursing and Rehab residents

For 21 years as Public Administrator & Guardian of Greene County, I had many clients at this facility. I’ve seen many changes in healthcare over the years and the facility continues to change to meet the needs of those it serves.  I have had family members here as well as, completing my own rehab program and was able to return home before I required long term services.  I’ve just completed another 6 weeks of therapy and day by day I felt my strength increase. The food and the therapy are very good too!

James "Deak" Guis,
White Hall Nursing and Rehab resident