At White Hall Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, the Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists develop specific, individualized plans to restore your loved one's funciton to their prior levels for return home when able. We provide electrical stimulation to address wound healing, strengthening of upper and lower extremities as well as trunk musculature, pain and urinary incontinence. Ultrasound is used to address pain, wound healing, tendon repair, scar repair, edema and ROM issues. We also use diathermy to address join contractures, pain symptoms, bruising, wounds and edema. This state-of-the-art equipment allows us to be a step above the rest!

Let's Get Cooking!
In our Occupational Therapy kitchen, we have a full sized refrigerator and stove with cabinets above and below counters to stimulate home. The staff provides cooking experiences from basic meals to family meals with your loved one's own recipes to even cooking morel mushrooms during the spring season.

Say What?
Our Speach Language Pathologists are trained in Vital Stimulation to ensure your family member reaches the highest level of swallowing possible to normalize meal time. They also provide cognitive therapy to improve memory, safety and overall cognition training. Production of speech and intelligibility can be improved upon as well with the skills of these therapists.

Get Moving!
The Physcial Therapists can get your family member back on their feet! The therapist specialize in manual therapy to reduce pain and improve physical ability, agility training to improve balance, gain training to normalize gait patterning providing appropriate assistive devices as needed with stair training and car transfers included to prepare for home return.

We are proud to announce the incorporation of X Box Kinect for balance training, standing tolerance, upper and lower extremity strengthening and fun! The Kinect offers a remote free way to enjoy bowling, table top tennis and beach volleyball to name a few!

Specialty Programs

Memory Care

Long-Term Care